Tenants - The Renting Process

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The first step in the renting process is finding your ideal rental property. Search our full list of current properties available to rent. If there are any properties on our website that you would like to arrange a viewing for, please contact us. We will arrange a suitable time to accompany you to view your chosen property/properties. Once you've found the property you'd like to rent, we'll contact the landlord on your behalf to give details to the landlord about yourself. Once the landlord has accepted your offer, subject to reference checks, the following will need to be completed.        

  • You will be requested to pay the referencing and adminstration fees up front. This will then take the property off the market and will reserve the property subject to referencing.
  • You will need to complete a fee form which will enable us to indicate the amount due before you move in and any other fees which may occur.
  • You will be asked to complete our referencing forms which will be sent to our referencing agency to complete their checks.These include credit checks,employers and previous or current landlords references. You also need to provide us with a valid passport and proof of address.
  • Once we have received your final referencing report back from the referencing agency, the information will give us an outcome. If the report comes back as 'guarantor required', which isnt uncommon,you would need to have someone who has an income and would be happy to stand as your guarantor.The guarantor will also need to be reference checked and again we will receive a final report.
  • Once all referencing final reports are back, we will inform you and the landlord and finalise a completion date for your tenancy to start.


  • If you have a guarantor, they will then need to sign an agreement at this stage which is called a Deed of Guarantee.  
  • You must have all the funds ready and available at this point to pay any outstanding fees, your deposit and your rent. This can be paid by cash on the day of signing your tenancy agreement or by bank transfer paid at least two days prior to ensure funds have cleared. If it hasnt cleared, you cannot sign or move in.
  • We will arrange for all tenants to meet with us to sign the tenancy agreement, complete a standing order, collect your welcome letter with the details of the service providers and the inventory.
  • Thats it- you are ready to move in to your new home and the keys are released to you.


  • If the landlord has chosen us to manage your property, you will have our details and contact us throughout your tenancy.
  • If the landlord has chosen to manage the property themselves you will have the landlords details and you contact them throughout the tenancy.
  • The deposit will be registered in a scheme until the end of the tenancy whether we manage or the landlord manages the property.
  • Our tenancy's are a minimum of 6 months unless otherwise agreed.
  • A minimum of one months notice is required from you, which we will need to receive in writing by the 5th month if you have signed a 6 months tenancy.
  • If you have any questions please contact us.
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